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Perry: 'I didn't think I would ever get back into winner's circle'
Kenny Perry wasn't sure if he would ever get back into the winner's circle after surgery on his shoulder but after winning the 3M Championship the doubts are gone.
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"If it wasn’t for Dr. Pagnani, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Dr. P wasn’t KNIFE HAPPY!
He took the time and effort to research, talk to colleagues about my symptoms to figure out what the underlying problem was. Not every day you have a 14 year old, walk in your office with symptoms that are normally seen in adults. With Dr. P intervention and assistance I was able to continue playing the sport that I dearly loved for 5 more years. I can definitely say without a doubt that DR. P cares about his patients. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND DR. PAGNANI and his STAFF to anyone and everyone!"
Allie Meador
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"I am sending this e-mail as a MAJOR thank you! Every day sense my knee surgery has been a major stride in the right direction. In the 9 months following my surgery I have regained my life and mobility. I am now back at the gym 4 days a week and have lost 58 lbs! If it were not for Dr. Pagnani, I would still be in pain and unable to play, swim, work out, rip, run and do my usual activities. I will never be able able to so thank you enough to you and the staff at your office for what you have given me. I almost forgot what it was like to have no knee pain at all!"

Tammy Thatcher,
VERY satisfied success story

After four procedures, two on each of my knees, I was able to come back and compete in track my junior and senior year in high school. Dr. Pagnani not only helped me get through a difficult time physically for me, but also and emotional time. He helped me realize my love for the medical field and now I am at Tennessee State University planning to major in Physical Therapy. I would like to thank you and your staff for all of the help and support before and after my surgeries. You helped me physically, mentally and emotionally.
De'Onte Jackson, TSU


"Dr. Pagnani and Staff
I'm nearing 8 months post op and all is going well. I'm still gradually building my strength back in the weight room. I'm swimming better than ever and quite frankly my repaired shoulder hurts less now than it has for most of the last decade. Here's a video I shot last month..."
Jeff Yeager

Three generations of Pagnani patients. All are from Franklin-Simpson High School Football Team. Coach Max Chaney who had shoulder surgery done twice by Dr. Pagnani. Max Bennett, quarterback that led the team to State Finals and had a knee injury treated by Dr. Pagnani. Coach John Chaney who had knee surgery done by Dr. Pagnani. All turned out great. Coach John Chaney is father of Coach Max Chaney and grandfather to Max Bennett. All three love football and love to play golf.
Coach Max Chaney played college football at Campbellsville University 1996-2000. Coach John Chaney played college ball at Jacksonville State University in Alabama 1971-1975. Max Bennett will be attending Campbellsville University to play football this coming fall of 2012.
"After a bicept, pec, rotator cuff, and labrium tear I was able to come back two years after surgery and bench press 505lbs in a competition.  Dr P is the best in the business.  Thank You!"
Andrew Payne, Patient
"On behalf of the Nashville Predators Organization, I would like to thank you for your support and dedication.  The help you offered our management, players and staff far exceeded our expectations and we are extremely grateful.  Without your support we would not have been able to make it a year to remember."
David Poile, General Manager, Nashville Predators
"Whether it's shoulders, knees, or splinters, you da man!  I highly recommend you!"
Ronnie Barnes, Head Athletic Trainer, New York Giants
"We appreciate all the work and effort you put forth during this hectic time of year.  Your expertise plays a major role in the upcoming Draft as we build our roster for the 2005 season.  Thanks again for your efforts and hard work on our behalf."
Rick Spielman, General Manager, Miami Dolphins
"First of all, I would like to thank you for guiding me through two ACL tears.  I really appreciate your work.  I think that you are a great doctor.  As a result, I recommend you to everyone I know."
Erin Frye, collegiate basketball player
"Thanks so much for your wonderful work in repairing my knee.  I know you see dozens of patients every day, but you were always conscious of my profession as well as my anxiety.

"If I ever get famous, I hope you will hand my picture along side those big, ugly football players your currently display.  Just kidding! "Thanks again for your help.  Getting injured was pretty awful, but you made the experience much more bearable."
Misty Daniels, actress and professional dancer

"I wanted to thank you for the work you did on my knee. You did an excellent job. Without the work you did on my knee I never would have come this far."
Ashlee Rudolph
"I just wanted to say 'thank you' for the wonderful work you did on my knee and the support you gave me through the entire procedure. I am extremely happy with the results of the surgery and actually wish I had had both knees done (my left one is now giving me a lot of trouble).  I am still teaching aerobics and have been able to return to my training schedule.  Saturday will be my first 5K since my knee troubles began;  this time last year I didn't think I'd ever be able to race again."
Cassaundra Lyn Huskey
"Thank you for being an influence on my career. I know that my professional growth had a major contribution from you and for that I am grateful. I look forward to continuing our relationship and hope I can help you some day."
Chad Breedlove, Head Athletic Trainer, Montgomery Bell Academy
"To whom it may concern,
I believe Dr. Jones and his staff represent the premier level of orthopedic surgery. The staff is very friendly and helpful, while Dr. Jones presents himself as a very honest and knowledgeable man. My only complaint would be that I cannot go to him for every one of my ailments from this point on.
Thank you,"
Aaron Merrell

"Getting hurt in a strange town not knowing anyone was pretty scary so I am so thankful you were there to put my shoulder back together.  You did a great job and I am very please with the outcome.  Thank you so much!"
Risa Dinberg

"Antonio has had a great basketball season and we have thought and talked about you several times.  You were great and we are so grateful for all you did for us."
Brenda Primeau

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