Torn Knee Cartilage: Meniscal Repair

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A healthy meniscus acts as a shock absorber and provides a smooth surface for your knee to glide on. A meniscal tear prevents your knee from rotating causing pain and locking.


Small incisions (portals) are made around the joint. The scope and surgical instruments will go into these incisions.


The scope is inserted into the knee. Saline solution flows through a tube (cannula) and into the knee to expand the joint and to improve visualization. The image is sent to a video monitor where the surgeon can see inside the joint.


A surgical instrument is inserted into the knee to mend the tear. The tear will be closed with suture or a resorbable tack-like device that dissolves over time.

End of Procedure

Closing the tear allows the meniscus to heal. The surgical instruments are removed and the procedure is completed.