Lateral Retinacular Release



The patella is a flat triangular shaped bone that protects the knee joint and helps the muscles move your leg more efficiently. A healthy patella glides up and down a grove at the end of your femur, pain free.


However, there are a number of conditions that can cause pain when your patella moves. The best treatment for you is based on your specific condition.


Small incisions (portals) are made around the joint. The scope and surgical instruments will go into these incisions.


The scope is inserted into the knee. Saline solution flows through a tube (canula) and into the knee to expand the joint and to improve visualization. The image is sent to a video monitor where we can see inside the joint.

Misaligned Patella

This view shows the muscle and tissue that surround the patella. The patella will get off track when the fibrous band on the outside of the patella, called the retinaculum, pulls to the side incorrectly. 


A surgical instrument is inserted into the joint and the band that is pulling incorrectly is cut. When the band is cut, it releases the patella and helps it to properly glide in its track.

End of Procedure

The surgical instruments are removed and the procedure is complete.