CBS Interview with Kenny Perry

TPC at Colinas
May 10

JOEL SCHUCHMANN (EDS Byron Nelson moderator): Kenny Perry, thank you for joining us here for a couple of minutes. You haven’t played in since the Ford championship due to some injuries but it looks like you’re back and ready to go.

KENNY PERRY: I don’t know if I’m ready to go, but I’m back. Eight weeks off had knee surgery. First time I’ve been injured in my life, so first time I ever had surgery, so that was kind of a new experience for me. But it was a great eight weeks off for me. I followed my son a lot. He’s a sophomore at Western Kentucky. They won the Sun Belt Conference in golf, so I hung out with the golf team a lot.

My oldest daughter graduated college last week, so that was awesome. She graduated from Lipscomb University. It’s been great to be a dad once again, just spend some time with my wife and my family,

Q, What was it like going through rehab for the first time in your life, I guess?

KENNY PERRY: You know, it was just different. I just have been on the tour for so long, I just felt like I just wanted a break. I wanted to come back slowly. My doctor was Mike Pagnani. He’s the head doctor for the [Nashville] Predators [of the NHL]. He’s a good doctor. He just told me, you don’t need to be in a hurry with this thing. You just come back and let pain be your guide, and if it starts to hurt, just lay off a little bit.

He says physically you’re fine, there’s nothing we’ve repaired it, it’s fixed. You’re going to have to get over the fear factor a little bit. Go on and put some pressure on it, which I’ve tried to do.

I’m just going to take it slow and just get out there and hopefully I’ll be ready to go again. Maybe the magic will show back up.

Since his return from surgery, Kenny has won 5 PGA tournaments. He has also had 17 top ten finishes and helped lead the US Team to a memorable victory in the Ryder Cup at Valhalla. Congratulations, Kenny! We are pulling for you every weekend!